Open Music Ithaca

Open Music Ithaca (OMI) is a collaborative effort between bands and venues.

OMI makes it easier for smaller/local bands to have a shot at doing what they do best - making music - but also have more control over their finances.

Past events

SOLID on the Commons, Bernie Milton Pavilion, Ithaca NY - Sept 24, 2021

SOLID joined by Ana Florencia, Nick Everaert; members of Elevation 404, sound by Electric Buffalo Records.

Homesick, The Cornell Daily Sun presents, co-sponsored by OMI, in cooperation with Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar, and Press Bay Alley, 139 State Street, Ithaca - Sept 18, 2021

Guitar Lessons Ithaca “Student Recital,” Bernie Milton Pavilion, Ithaca NY - June 27, 2021

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Hosted by Cornell Sun

Bringing students and community together through music!

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