Behind the Music

In the beginning..
March 2020

Dennis, a local Jazz guitar bandleader, and e. started on SOLID.
Our first piece was Lucinda. Written many years ago with no accompaniment. 

The first time we met we knew we were on to something.
We were joined in July by Joey Arcuri on bass and soon after by John Seeley on drums.

Where we are now:

We got a first-rate pro rhythm section, we recorded an EP, we've made 3 videos,
and were not letting a little virus stop us from moving forward...


Band Members

Sum of Talented Parts

SOLID is finding balance.
*earth, water, fire, air, and space/spirit.
emotion...for me is space/spirit.
Knowledge of the five elements allows the yogi to understand the laws of nature and to use yoga to attain greater health, power, knowledge, wisdom and happiness.
Choosing the ways of happiness that work for you, that maybe help others in their process, and that leave the world a better place because you’ve been there, these are hopes eternally condensed and broadened through the philosophy of music.

Dennis_live in tburg.jpg
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Elizabeth Stuelke

Singer, Lyricist.

Dennis Winge

Guitar, backing vocals, recording.

Joey Arcuri

Bass guitar, backing vocals.

John Seeley



SOLID on More Than Music podcast

March 17, 2021

Listen! Wednesday, March 17.

I had a blast talking with More Than Music Podcast host Kara Conrad. She's doing a great job keeping up with the CNY music scene and I'm glad to be a part of her effert. I talk about growing up writing, being in bands, playing at CBGBs, marriage, kids, college, coming together with the members of SOLID during a pandemic, and why music means so much. We also touch on my idea for Open Music Ithaca.