Change is constant

The time has come. Open Music Ithaca show, Sept 24. SOLID on the Commons!


My work with Dennis Winge, Joey Arcuri, and John Seeley as SOLID has been amazingly productive and fun!

Thank you all, my friends!

SOLID is now going in a new direction.

Destination unknown vehicle coming together road ahead sorta figured out…. To Be Continued…

Photo by Mark Malkin


Open Music Ithaca

Open Music Ithaca (OMI) is a collaborative effort between bands and venues.

OMI makes it easier for smaller/local bands to have a shot at doing what they do best - making music - but also have more control over their finances.
Upcoming events
SOLID on the Commons, Bernie Milton Pavilion, Ithaca NY - Sept 24, 2021

SOLID joined by Ana Florencia, Nick Everaert; members of Elevation 404, sound by Electric Buffalo Records.

Past events

Homesick, The Cornell Daily Sun presents, co-sponsored by OMI, in cooperation with Sacred Root Kava Lounge and Tea Bar, and Press Bay Alley, 139 State Street, Ithaca - Sept 18, 2021

Guitar Lessons Ithaca “Student Recital,” Bernie Milton Pavilion, Ithaca NY - June 27, 2021

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Ana Florencia

New arrangements with this tremendous talent!

See our first show together

Sept. 18 Homesick