Free Shows

August 7, SOLID UNplugged
Monthly First Saturdays - Press Bay Alley 2-4 pm

August 18, SOLID
Bernie Milton Pavilion
Ithaca Commons, 4-6 pm

Live or live streamed

Rock with SOLID live or on YouTube.

We hope to see you there!


There is a fear of staying still.

SOLID is a group of talented professional musicians in Ithaca, NY. Between them they've played at venues large and small, from (the former) CBGBs to Ithaca's State Theatre. They are dedicated musicians, teachers, parents, players, and people. They provide a place for each other to compose and grow, play and contemplate.

Join in the fun! Check out the site, Demo, videos and let us know what you think!  See you all soon!

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Moving to town,
Trying to find a groove,
Stepping in with some jams around town.
Seeing the extra different stars,
Shining bright and welcoming more,
Finding a place to spread out….
Both an exhibitionist and a loner…
A lover and a scorner,
I try not to find the corners,
Gonna break on through to nowhere
Join us if you can,
Dance around in the air,
Twirl each other through the open spaces we make.
New to the scene, making our own show, not worrying about the edges, pouring outside the law of nature, something in the raw...